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Thread: Do I really need a colonoscopy?

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    Do I really need a colonoscopy?

    Ok so I gave birth 3 months ago. Iíve been having some rectal bleeding for about 2 weeks, only when I have a BM. It started after a little straining with a BM. Iím really assuming itís an internal hemorrhoid, but I saw a gastro who thinks I need a full colonoscopy, not just a sigmoidoscopy. Iím terrified of the sedation because I have a really slow heart rate at rest, in the 40ís and low blood pressure. My gastro says that she uses proferol for sedation and wonít do it without sedation. Should I get a second opinion? Or put it off a few weeks and see if the bleeding stops? Would precancerous polyps continue to bleed even with soft BMs? Also, Iím 33 and my parents both have had precancerous polyps.

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    Re: Do I really need a colonoscopy?

    I am surprised they are jumping straight in with a colonoscopy to be honest. I would get a 2nd opinion.

    Did they not do a rectal exam to check for piles?

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    Re: Do I really need a colonoscopy?

    Yeah youíre probably right. She did do a rectal exam and said there was a really small hemorrhoid, but that even if there was a hemorrhoid she couldnít tell if thatís where the bleeding was coming from or if it was from far up in the colon

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    Re: Do I really need a colonoscopy?

    I hope you don't need to get one,I'm the same I tested positive in the screening test but have no symptoms but do have occasional bleeding from my stomach when I take certain medications which I was taking at the time I did the test,I had to take the medication again recently and it made my stomach bleed again the last ime I took it was Thursday and my stomach has settled down now,my doctor gave me another test thing to do so I am going to wait another week to let my stomach get back to normal and I'm praying the test comes back negative this time.
    Because if I do need to get one what would it do,yes it would mess up my very sensitive stomach again.

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    Re: Do I really need a colonoscopy?

    Since you have a family history of polyps and your doctor has recommended one, I would go ahead and have the colonoscopy. They are not at all bad (I’ve had two) and it will give you peace of mind.

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    Re: Do I really need a colonoscopy?

    I would have one just to be cautious. I had one in june and it was fine

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