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    CBC results kinda worried

    I just got my cbc back and my wbc is 4.6 k/ul and my lymphocytes are 43.5% . My absolute lymphocyte is 2.0 k/ul. Do these numbers seems off. Low wbc and high lymphocyte %?

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    Re: CBC results kinda worried

    literally could be because you have a cold, allergies ect. i would not be concerned at all

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    Re: CBC results kinda worried

    Ok I'm kind relieved. I've been on acyclovir for vestibular neuritis. A side effect is low wbc. My lymphocytes are in normal range. The % is higher because my wbc is on the lower side of average. Wbc×lymphocyte %=abs lymphocyte .
    So wbc÷abs lymphocyte = lymphocyte %. In other words the % doesnt mean anything it's the absolute value. Sorry to ramble

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    Re: CBC results kinda worried


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    Re: CBC results kinda worried

    Why do you keep moving everyone around when they are in the Medical Tests section

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