you guys would not believe the day ive had... jeez
alright, so
woke up this morning, was fine except for a slight problem breathing, chalked it up to allergies (texas allergies are no joke, they put people in the hospital sometimes) and took a hit off of an inhaler. went to class, felt fine, hadn't eaten anything yet so i walked to the donut shop and got myself an iced sweet coffee with a egg and cheese croissant while waiting for my mom and dad. i drank the coffee first before eating anything, that's where my problems started. when i got home, i started feeling funny. i started getting really lightheaded and couldn't really walk properly. i went to my room and laid down, and i felt like passing out. my heart was RACING again, i was getting jittery and dizzy and even more lightheaded, i started getting really really nervous and i was breaking out into red spots on my arms. i called my parents panicking, begging them to take me to the hospital because i was convinced i was having a heart attack and dying. luckily they took me, after a bit of discussion, and once i was admitted and taken in, i told them what was going on and they checked my vitals and pulse. my pulse was 148 over 100, which made me nervous again, but a few minutes after being checked, they hooked me up for an electrocardiogram. my heart rate was again, 140, but it started to go down after i watched it. they took me off and after a while, my doctor came in and told me my EKG was perfect (yay). so i was confused: why was i so jittery and shaking and why was my heart literally pounding???
the coffee.
it was because i hadn't eaten anything before i had the coffee. there were a few other factors that contributed (including my anxiety) but that was what really did it.
the prescription was: a sandwich. literally just a turkey sandwich. (also ice water)
after the doc left to go grab one for me, i literally started crying and laughing, just out of relief that i was okay. i literally worried myself into the hospital.
i felt better and more calm after eating the sandwich, mom wanted a few blood tests just to make sure i wasn't anemic or diabetic, those all came back perfect and healthy. hemoglobin levels, kidney function, blood sugar was all okay and normal (bs was a little high but they knew it was because i had just eaten but it was at a normal level for having just eaten)
i just got home a few hours ago, feeling bad, mentally. i feel ashamed for freaking myself out so much that i got put in the hospital. there could've been someone who was ACTUALLY having a heart attack and i was taking their place and precious time. granted, i really don't go to the hospital, like ever. but still.
i AM happy that i am actually healthy and okay, and my heart is doing great.
i guess i just needed to vent, i just hope this type of thing doesn't happen again.