Since having very worrying symptoms that have carried on I have become a nervous wreck....Im not sure if ive had nervous breakdown or what. Doc checked me over (lady problems so it was that type of check) and seemed happy....still getting symptoms though so heading back to docs in 2 weeks. I have had HA for 15+ years but this by far the worst as I feel I actually have cancer this time.

I can't eat solids at all and I am surviving on what may be called a liquid diet as I'm so nervous about bathroom habits. Living off protein/whole milk and nurishment drinks and fruit juice as well as taking fibregel drinks and I am drinking lots of water. I eat the odd bit of soup and cheese and ate a crumpet last night.

Am I depressed? Not sure how to get out of my eating rut as I've lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks. I am usually a good eater and I was at a 25 BMI before all this started.
Sleeping pattern is screwed too and im quite weak.

What do you eat when your are depressed? is this a common feature of depression to go on weeks?