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Thread: Acid and sore upper stomach

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    Acid and sore upper stomach

    Hello, I have been better for quite a while but am in very bad panic mode at the moment. I have had a lot of stomach issues over the years, but have been better for quite some time. I've had heart and breathing fears a while ago, all resolved and fine. For the last three weeks my stomach started to play up. It started off with pains in my upper stomach that I have had on and off for years.I told myself it was the same and would just go as usual but it hasn't, it has got worse. I have very bad acid. I've been told in the past I was making too much acid owing to anxiety. It is that bad now that I feel raw and sore all the way up from just above my belly button to my throat. Yesterday I had it on and off. I was dancing in the afternoon and felt fine, so told myself it was just annxiety. However last night after supper I fell asleep in the chair and when I woke up I had the most terrible pain in my upper stomach which felt like a lot acid burning its way through. I usually take Peptac which my doctor prescribed a few years ago. I have not had to take any for quite a long time, until the last week. It usually helps a bit but last night it actually made the pain worse which freaked me out. I went to bed in such pain and couldn't sleep. I eventually got off and woke after about three hours and couldn't get back to sleep with all the terrifying thoughts going through my head. The pain had gone but I had this raw soreness that has lasted all day. I am afraid to eat, but know that's not a good idea, and I know being anxious makes acid worse, but I am sure I have never had such bad pain and soreness. I think I should see the doctor, but am scared as we have new doctors now who don't know me or my history of nerves. A few years ago I was given two different acid blockers,, but had to stop taking them as they were affectiing my liver. I even had to have an ultrasound on my liver as a result but everything was fine. Has anyone had acid as bad as this, and raw and sore all day. Can this be a simple acid problem or something worse. I need to calm down but live alone and have no one to talk to. Please reply if you can.

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    Re: Acid and sore upper stomach

    It does sound like a possible flare up. Take antacids straight after eating, and also make sure youíre not eating too much, or too high in fat/spices etc.

    No harm in seeing your doctor if it continues.

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    Re: Acid and sore upper stomach

    Thank you for your reply Scass. I wanted to see the doctor, but cannot even try to get an appoinment for another three weeks. Just none available. I had a consultation with a pharmacist who seemed convinced I was making too much acid, which causes pain as it irritates the stomach lining. He said to keep on the antacids. My mother many years ago who had similar issues had slippery elm food for supper, which evenually seemed to cure her. I have had it in the past and have just started back on it, it puts a lining on your stomach is also healing. I have tried to calm down, and the pain is less. I was hopeful but I now have a feeling of pressure just under my breastbone. It has been coming and going, but today it was terrible all day, I keep thinking something is growing there and panicking. Has anyone had this pressure feeling, it is really scaring me.

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    Re: Acid and sore upper stomach

    “Raw and sore” is a very good description of my weird abdominal pains at the moment. Do you think you might have an ulcer?

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    Re: Acid and sore upper stomach

    Yes Iíve had that pressure, itís just under my bra at the front. Often relieved by removing my bra, but when I canít do that I either take an antacid or do my best to calm down - it eventually goes.

    I was convinced I had a hiatus hernia, but I had esophagitis.

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    Re: Acid and sore upper stomach

    Thank you for your replies. Jojo2316, I have thought I had an ulcer on and off for years. I had an endoscopy years ago with these raw and sore pains and was convinced, but they didn't even find any inflamation. Right now I have been thinking gastitis caused by the acid. Whatever, I am somewhat better though not completely. What I believe has helped me is having slippery elm food at bedtime, I've just gone back on it. It is healing and puts a lining on your stomach and protects from the acid right from the throat all the way down. My mother had gastritis when I was a child and had the slippery elm, it took time but completely cured her.

    Scass I am relieved to hear someone else has had the pressure feeling, and I now realise it can be relieved by removing the bra. Mine is better,I am not getting it anywhere near as often.

    Thanks again folks, hope you both feel better soon.

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