Ever feel like its just one thing after another?

Long and boring moan incoming...

3 weeks ago I had swollen glands under my chin - and I wasn't ill!
Bam here comes Health anxiety Episode 1!
My swollen glands kindly decided to clear off after only two days, so I was in a fantastic mood [maybe i'm not dying after all!!]
A day later, my neck starts hurting when I look up, I can't say I've exactly been doing any strenuous exercising as of late, so in comes episode two.

A couple of days later, the neck pain also subsided, I was over the moon, again.
Only for a very lovely UTI to take its place, this was nasty, I was in tears for 3 days. I went to the doctor and got a course of antibiotics and soon enough I felt OK again, but not before I'd scoured every single google result for 'uti causes' then somehow ending up with Ovarian Cancer.
It didn't help that the side affects of the antibiotics, i.e bloating and diarrhoea were also common with ovarian cancer.
Even when ,two days after taking my last antibiotic, I had zero symptoms whatsoever - I was STILL convinced I had ovarian cancer - with no symptoms?! I can't justify it at all!!! Since yesterday I've been feeling slightly less anxious, I've cut out the crying fits and stopped poking around my stomach, but today... it all kicked off again
I've always had funny toilet habits, I struggle to use the toilet sometimes [yes poo] and I don't always feel like I have emptied my bowels, I put this down to not being the healthiest person and probably not getting enough fibre and possibly my anxiety too.
For nearly two years I've suffered with haemorrhoids, usually the exact same spot, the exact shape - I usually assumed its just the same one and becoming more external after a painful toilet experience, because sometimes I can feel it but significantly less than times that I've felt more constipated. I've never been too concerned about it, I assumed if it was something sinister it wouldn't be sat there for nearly three years, only hurting after a painful toilet experience. Its just when I wiped today there was a rather large amount of blood, like the amount you see when you first go to the toilet once your period has started, that kind of amount... I was expecting a small amount because of the pain/straining I'd just felt two seconds prior - but not that much! To cut a long story short I have just been sat on the edge of the bath googling anal cancer and crying my eyes out.
I'm so fed up. I know that I probably sound ridiculous, I've been debating posting on here for the past two weeks because I hate expressing myself, or annoying people - that's probably part of my social anxiety I guess. I know how lucky I am compared to many many many other people.
Why can't I rationalise in my own scary head? It's been there for three years nearly, only causing symptoms when I am constipated. THREE YEARS. If it was sinister I wouldn't even still be around three years later, let alone almost symptom-less.

This seems like such a long winded way of saying something quite simple, but I'm awful at wording things and I've been holding this in for so long [no pun intended]

I've just moved to a new area to live with my boyfriend, who is at work every day while I'm job seeking. I don't know anyone here and I do travel back home a couple of times a month but [If you look at my old posts, you'll see, though I was 17 to be fair!] everybody that cares about me, cares so much, but they know how bad my health anxiety can be, they've seen me at my worst and go out of their way to avoid reassuring me. Which I understand completely.

I don't really know what I expect to get from posting this, I just feel a bit lonely and fed up and wondered who could relate.
Thank you for bothering to read my moan :P
<3 <3 <3 <3