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    Help Now I'm Really Panicking - Very Dark Stool

    I was experiencing loose stools for roughly a week. They started to subside yesterday, and I was relieved. However this morning I got up and went to the toilet, and the stool was a colour I've never seen before - very, very dark, charcoal almost black! I am now terrified!

    I was taking immodium and pepto bismol earlier in week, but last took it 36 hours ago. Could it be the pepto bismol that has caused this, even 48 hours later?

    [EDIT] I have just discovered that this is supposedly a side effect of Pepto Bismol. I last took it around 36 hours ago, so I imagine this it finally working its way through my system?
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    Re: Help Now I'm Really Panicking - Very Dark Stool

    I'm no expert but that sounds about the right amount of time for it to work it's way through your system and out the other end! Try not to panic, see how it is in a few days once the pepto is completely out of your body, chances are it'll have returned to normal x

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    Re: Help Now I'm Really Panicking - Very Dark Stool

    Yes, it could indeed be that, and the timescale is right.

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    Re: Help Now I'm Really Panicking - Very Dark Stool

    Pepto bismol has bismuth in it which reacts with Sulphur in your digestive track and turns poo black. If you were taking immodium at the same time it would have slowed your transit time so I'd put money on it being the pepto bismol.

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    Re: Help Now I'm Really Panicking - Very Dark Stool

    Thanks for replies. it looks like it was almost certainly the Pepto Bismol, and if you didn't know about this side effect, it's quite a worrying thing to see. I am going to see doctor tomorrow, and my main concern is 'health anxiety,' as I reckon that is the real issue here as opposed to my endless 'symptoms'!

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