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Thread: Upset stomach since yesterday

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    Upset stomach since yesterday

    Hi, I have'nt posted for a while but my anxiety is on the increase again. Since having an upset stomach on Monday evening I was struggling to pass anything but very small stools. This was happening until last night when I had full on diarrhea. I wasn't too stressed as i'd had a very greasy meal for tea yesterday so put it down to that.

    This morning it happened again, 3 times in 4 hours! My stomach feels very delicate now. I have been under huge stress lately as my 33 year old son has severe mental health issues, bpd, adhd, narcissistic personality disorder and he also has type 2 diabetes and fybromyalgia. For the last two weeks his mood has been extremely low and he has been feeling suicidal. He had an emergency appointment with a psychiatrist who told him to get more exercise and that he will see him in 6 months time!!

    On Tuesday he cut himself badly on his finger with blunt scissors, he told me if he had a sharp knife he would have cut his finger off. After being attended to at hospital he came to stay with me. Two days later he cut himself again, this time much worse. When I arrived at his house there was 3 police cars outside. They had to attend as there was'nt an ambulance available. The police had dressed his hand but he had lost a lot of blood and was very weak, unable to stand and had no colour in his face, his lips were grey. At the hospital they found his blood pressure was very low, his heartrate was high and his oxygen levels were on the floor.

    He had to be transferred to a hospital half an hour away to see the plastic surgeons as they suspected nerve damage. I spent 8 hours in 2 different hospitals with him and didn't get home until 3am. I had nothing to eat in this time. My son had a 3 hour operation on his hand and came home with us last night.

    I'm thinking the stress, heavy meal last night and erratic eating patterns are to blame for my current upset stomach but the anxiety wants me to believe it's something else.

    Sorry for the long post but it helps to get it all doen.

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    Re: Upset stomach since yesterday

    Hey :(

    This sounds awful even for the gut-strong people out there - Im sorry!
    How are you now? its good that youve put it down to stress instead of panicking , Ive had a great 8 or 9 days eating whatever I want and the SECOND I thought about a gig im doing tomorrow I kept feeling the urge to go , its mad how our brains and guts are like best friends.

    If youre wanting some relief, try buscopan or imodium, I swear by Imod despite only taking it if i REALLY need to but since the buscopan i felt so much better for the first time in months.

    Hope your son is ok too, prayers x

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    Re: Upset stomach since yesterday

    I'm so sorry about the situation, Rainbow

    There's nothing to suggest that your stomach issues are anything but stress though

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    Re: Upset stomach since yesterday

    I'm really sorry to hear what you've been going through Rainbow. It's no wonder your anxiety has increased, and it sounds like your bowels are responding to that.
    Hopefully your son is under the care of the mental health team and you're not being left to cope with all this alone?
    'If you're going through hell, keep going' (Winston Churchill)

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    Re: Upset stomach since yesterday

    Thank you all for your kind replies.

    I also had another bout of diahorrea on Sunday and Monday I didn't go at all. The past couple of days were normal but today i'm constipated again. I'm trying to tell myself that because i've had a couple of days with normal stools that it's a good sign but I am really on edge about it all.

    I know the situation with my son has caused my mental health to take a large dip so I am aware that i'm more vulnerable to intrusive and obsessive thoughts atm. I'm tired of this worry, 3 years not that i've been worrying about my bowels.

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    Re: Upset stomach since yesterday

    Hello Rainbow... just wondering how you are coping ? That is an awful lot of stress on your shoulders and it is no wonder to me that your body is reacting the way it is.
    I know you want to look after your son but take care of yourself too. Easier said than done I know. But just remember, you're doing your best and we cannot control what other people do (even relatives... perhaps least of all relatives ). Try to take a step back and always remind yourself that bad days will pass and better ones await.

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