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Thread: Buspar and aggression when mixed with alcohol

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    Buspar and aggression when mixed with alcohol

    I'm a very loving, kind and caring person. A recent night of alcohol has left me feeling the opposite. While nothing catastrophic occurred, I partially blacked out, fell asleep and then woke up very angry, aggressive and just generally enraged over pretty much nothing. I was most definitely still drunk and remember most of it. I feel ashamed, I felt that was not myself and I'm at a loss as to why that happened. I've always been a happy silly drunk. I've been keeping drinks to a minimum with being on buspar. A beer or two... Two glasses of wine and then cut myself off.

    I researched after this and I was mortified to find that buspar can have aggression and anger as a side effect. And drinking with buspar can really change its effects, the alcohol effects actually that is. So, I have decided to not drink. I didn't limit myself at a glass or two because I was having a good time. I drank probably about 4 or 5 glasses of wine and 2 beers. In all my life I've never had this kind of a reaction to alcohol and my personality so much.

    I've also recently felt like the medicine I've been on a few weeks now has made me very annoyed about small things... Where I normally wouldn't be. Again, nothing like the combination I got when I drank. My doctor has said a couple is okay here or there. When you're having fun and go past the couple, apparently it's not good. I've heard some people have been okay and it doesn't even affect the alcohols strength and others where two drinks turns them into a light weight. Obviously to prevent this again and using my better judgement, I've stopped the medicine. I was on 7.5 only each day and I've stopped drinking now.

    Has anyone else had this awful experience? I can't be alone?

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    Re: Buspar and aggression when mixed with alcohol

    While it isn't that common, buspirone can trigger anger and aggression, the opposites of anxiety, and alcohol and aggression and are a well known combination.

    If you decide to switch to an antidepressant you need to be aware that they can affect tolerance to the booze, not always in a predictable way. Some days you might be able to drink a herd of alcoholic elephants under the table, on others one or two drinks may be enough to turn legs to rubber.

    The other thing to be aware of is alcohol exacerbates both anxiety and depression. Both are symptoms of atrophy of the dentate gyrus regions of the hippocampus caused by high brain stress hormone levels, mostly of cortisol, inhibiting the growth of new brain cells (neurogenesis). The problem is alcohol has the same affect on hippocampal neurogenesis as cortisol. Even moderate drinking may reduce hippocampal neurogenesis by nearly half (see also: Morris SA, 2010; Crews FT, 2003)

    OTOH, antidepressants and therapy work by stimulating hippocampal neurogenesis. The new cells and the interconnections they forge produce the therapeutic response, not the meds directly. One or two drinks every now and again won't hurt, but regular drinking may significantly impede the effectiveness of both antidepressants and therapy.

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