I've been on Citalopram for 2 or 3yrs but was advised to come off it due to it making my tamoxifen less effective. The doc assured me just stopping would be ok, although I was still a big concerned so dropped from 20mg to 10mg for 4 or 5 days then just stopped.
Obviously I had horrendous side effects, severe diahorea, stomach cramps, horrendous headaches, profuse sweating, terrible fatigue....the list goes on! I only stopped it for about 3 days as my GP suggested going back on it at the lower 10mg then I'd reduce it properly to hopefully lessen the side effects.
My question is, most of the side effects have gone, still have sweating now & again but the one thing that will not budge is a horrible sour taste in my mouth! Anyone experience this and if so, how long does it last for?
another question, has anyone else stopped taking their meds for just a couple of days but still had really severe side effects? I thought I'd re-start them and carry on where I left off 😭
Thankyou in advance for any replies x