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Thread: Feels like something in side of throat

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    Feels like something in side of throat

    Hello can anyone relate to this ? For past few days have had on / off feeling of bit of food or something lodged in right side of throat , feels like just behind or below tonsil - eating and drinking ok although anxious when doing so - actually can't feel it when eating , just few minutes afterwards it will start . Blocked nostril on that side and think palate looks slightly red , maybe one very tiny white spot on it . Could this cause that feeling ? No amount of gargling etc shifts it . What I've read about globus always says that it is felt in centre of throat ? Starting to gt worried will try get docs appt tomorrow. Am 52 year old female .

    Anyone , please ???

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    Re: Feels like something in side of throat


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    Re: Feels like something in side of throat

    Just to update. Saw gp today . He couldn't see or feel anything " of concern ". If it's not gone away in two weeks I've got to be referred . I feel more anxious than ever now , worrying if it's going to get worse !! Help

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    Re: Feels like something in side of throat

    I did notice you emphasized the words "of concern". What I see is your anxious mind interpreting that as 'I saw something but not of any concern' when in reality it means he didn't see anything at all. The more you hyper-focus on it, the more your mind will create issues. Find something to distract you.

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