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Thread: Inhaled piece of food?

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    Inhaled piece of food?

    So I was eating a piece of pizza 30 minutes ago. It had sausage and bacon on it. My daughter said something while I was taking a bite and made me laugh and I inhaled. I felt something go down my throat. I could feel it right above my clavicle area in my throat. I coughed and hacked a for a few seconds and wa scourging for a few minutes afterward. I am not sure if I coughed up the food that I inhaled or if it got in my lungs. Would I know if something went in my lungs? How long would it take for me to be in the clear? I looked it up and I canít find anything that says how long it would take to develop complications from this?

    Chest and throat feel a bit sore. Probably from coughing.
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    Re: Inhaled piece of food?

    Your body responded exactly as it should do - the food almost went 'down the wrong way' and the coughing reflex to clear the airways took place. This happens to most people now and again, only last week I almost sent a cup of tea down the windpipe way, but I started coughing and coughing and it was sorted. It didn't go to your lungs as the body (in those with normal swallowing reflexes) expels food pieces, just as yours did (some people with disabilities can do something called 'silent aspiration' whereby some bits and pieces are not felt and pass to the lungs). If a chunk of food had gone to your lungs you would sure know about it immediately, as you'd have a continual coughing and choking sensation, as has already been proved by the fact that you coughed good and properly in the first place! As for complications - not even worth thinking about, as I'm sure nothing has gone to your lungs.

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    Re: Inhaled piece of food?

    Thanks for the reply.

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    Re: Inhaled piece of food?

    About an hour back I took a deep breath and felt I inhaled a small particle of food which was possibly stuck in my teeth. I could feel something flying inside. Not sure if it went to good pipe or wrong way. I did not have any instant coughing or any pain etc. but my mind is chattering
    What if it went into lungs and caused silent aspiration. What if it leads to pneumonia or lung infection. Just too worried :(
    Anyone has any experience or any words of comfort please :(

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