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    Dizziness upon standing and waking up sleepy


    I do not know if anyone will respond to this post, but I have been experiencing dizziness upon standing a lot. Could this be anxiety?

    I typed out a post awhile ago about feeling sleepy every time I wake up and like I never went to bed. I am seeing a sleep clinic on the 19th as all my blood tests to test my thyroid along with my complete blood cell count. All of these tests were normal except for a mild case of anemia which I take a vitamin for now. The doctor told me though it was so mild that it is likely resolved by now. So, I am not really worried about that now. I am still wondering then if this feeling could be caused by anxiety. I also have insomnia once in awhile. So, I am hoping I can get more insight at the sleep clinic.

    Now, a symptom that I am experiencing on top of this all is dizzines upon standing. This has happened pretty much once or twice a day now for a week. It freaks me out so badly and makes me think the worst. I have not been drinking a lot of water lately or eating when I likely should. So, this might be it. Either way though, I feel like a total mess. I'm always in this constant state of panic.

    My life consistently feels like a living hell living in a state of worry. It feels like no one around me really understands it either. They will just say 'it'll pass in time'. I have been experiencing this sleep issue for a month and a half now. You'd think it would go away eventually. I just need some support badly from someone who does kind of get it.

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    Re: Dizziness upon standing and waking up sleepy

    Hi hun x I can share in some of this- I get the dizziness when standing up. This happens to me alot but tends to have more so at night. It really freaks me out! It's not fun and it's been happening for I guess it can't be anything to bad? Wishing you the best x

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    Re: Dizziness upon standing and waking up sleepy

    You’re dizzy when standing up just for a few minutes? It’s called orthostatic hypotension If I remember correctly and it’s absolutely benign.

    i’ve been dizzy for two months 100% of the time.

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    Re: Dizziness upon standing and waking up sleepy

    How did the tests go x?

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