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Thread: Stomach Issues?

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    Stomach Issues?

    For the past 4 weeks, I have had a stomach pain, more uncomfortable than pain really, in the sides of my Stomach. Some bloating, and some twinges, twitches, as well as gurgling, and noises which I don't usually have.
    I don't know if this is stress related, nerves, or something else.

    I have visited my GP on numerous occasions and he has checked me over and given me Peppermint oil to settle the stomach, which hasn't really helped.
    I was also given Lanzoprasole, again which didn't do much.

    My GP thinks it could be stress related, as I have been through quite a bit over the past couple of years, and he also had some blood tests done, for Celiac Disease, and blood counts.

    All came back negative which is good.

    I have had no Diarrhea, no loss of appetite, no bleeding, no sickness or vomiting, just stomach cramps, and occasional feeling of needing the toilet.
    I also tried Wind-Eze, Senokot, and IBS tablets all of which did a little, but it came back.

    It has now subsided a little, and for the last couple of days, had pain in my testicles.

    Could this be trapped wind? as I hear it can make its way anywhere on the body and cause pain.

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    Re: Stomach Issues?

    I have the exact same thing. And have done on and off for years. It plays a big part in my health anxiety. I worry about it being all sorts of terrible things...... but, I suppose, IBS might be the most logical explanation?

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