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Thread: CANT SLEEP/numb pinky & ring finger at night

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    Waiting for MRI Results, freaking out!

    So the MRI results I am waiting for is for my follow up MRI. My first was about 6 or 7 months ago and they found 3 lesions that weren't of any concern. They didnt represent MS or anything like that thank goodness. But anyway, I had my MRI on thursday and today is Monday. I got a call from the office saying,

    "Hey this is **** from Dr. ****'s office calling in regards to some test results that we received. Dr. **** would like you to come in for an appointment to go over those results, nothing urgent but she would like to see you. If you could please call the office to schedule at *********".

    My appt is this wednesday (in 2 days). It had to be soon because I leave the state on saturday for a while (3 months to be exact). Should I be concerned or freaking out like I am???? because I am super nervous that they are going to tell me the worst news I could hear. I am really not looking forward to it at all. I've been having headaches recently and the feeling as if my arm is weak and numb spots, nerve pain, overthinking that I cant type, spell, or speak etc... You know how the whole health anxiety thing goes.

    What are your guys experiences? I also heard that its normal for them to call you in for an appt even if your results are perfectly clear because that is just how most offices do things. What do you guys think???

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    Re: Waiting for MRI Results, freaking out!

    Update! What did they say?

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    Re: Waiting for MRI Results, freaking out!

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    Numb thumb after using scissors

    Hey guys, i was just using some scissors intensely that pressed into my thumb pretty hard. I did that for like 30 mins. Now the side of my thumb is mostly numb and tingly to the touch. Its like 90% numb. Ive had a huge MS worry for months now because of my toe being numb for 2 months. Doc said that i damaged it tho and it seems better now. Even tho another one of my toes seems a bit numb too. Ive had 2 mri's already and doc said im fine, i just got non specific lesions.
    My thumb isnt numb where the scissors were pressing, but right next to it further towards the tip of my thumb. Was it the pressure? Im trying to not let it go to my head. Like I hope it comes back :(

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    Re: Numb thumb after using scissors

    Cause and effect. Simple as that.

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    Re: Numb thumb after using scissors

    Quote Originally Posted by Fishmanpa View Post
    Cause and effect. Simple as that.

    Sometimes I have to use scissors a lot for my job - I'm talking a solid five or six hours a day here - and it can take an age for my hand to feel normal again afterwards.

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    Re: Numb thumb after using scissors

    Just to let you know that I'm having weird thumb issues as well! When I use scissors, the pressure that's applied to the area between my thumb knuckle and the middle joint (where the scissor handle pressure against) causes a tingling feeling to go up my thumb. Very strange, and like you I also worry about MS and things, but I'm trying to put it down to mobile phone and laptop usage, my mobile phone usage has been way too much over the past couple of months. Or I've damaged it somehow.

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    Re: Waiting for MRI Results, freaking out!

    Paging mastercrod103 !! Could you update us?

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    Re: Waiting for MRI Results, freaking out!

    So there was no difference between my 2 MRIs, my brain effectively stayed the same. Therefore they told me that I am fine and if I continue to see symptoms or it gets worse, I should revisit them. But the doctor basically dismissed me and said that she doesn't see anything that is a cause for concern.

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    Angry CANT SLEEP/numb pinky & ring finger at night

    Ok so this is completely wrecking my life currently so PLEASE, I would love some advice as well.

    For the past 3 nights straight without fail, my pinky and ring finger on my right arm went numb and basically woke me up. I wasn't even sleeping on it the first time, but I was the 2nd and 3rd, which was tonight. My shoulders are definitely very tense from a construction job so maybe thats it? Or my ulnar nerve is messed up? I don't know but it really sucks. It takes a few minutes for the feeling to come back, and the numbness goes up my arm a bit. Kinda like when you hit your funny bone. Thats why I think its something to do with that?

    Also, i am having such a HARD TIME sleeping. Yesterday, I went to bed around 12.30 and didnt fall asleep till 4am, then woke up at 7am. Today, I wasn't that tired until night obviously and I wanted to get a really good nights sleep so I went to bed at 10pm. I woke up at 10.55pm because of my stupid arm going numb and I haven't fallen asleep since yet. Its currently 1am. I AM SO FRUSTRATED. I literally feel like im going crazy in bed. Its really starting to effect my mental health. Its like my brain doesnt want to turn off. It feels like it just wants to race and I can't control my thoughts? Its like my brain just thinks about things that are super random (not even bad) but its just a lot. I do breathing techniques and it helps by making me drowsy but I just end up not falling asleep again. My depersonalization kicks in during the whole not being able to sleep process and I start to get slight depression because of it. Its absolutely ridiculous and I know it. Any advice?

    How do I get rid of these problems???? Im all ears and I am desperate.

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