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    Rabies fear is back - cat in Turkey

    I know that this will be something everyone rolls their eyes at, and I apologise for sounding repetitive, but I'm in turkey on my own and just need a reassuring message. I have had support for my OCD and HA and it's so much better, I've been travelling alone for the last 4 months and I am really enjoying my life again, but something has triggered it once again.

    So I'm in Turkey, yesterday I was in Ankara eating lunch and a kitten jumped onto my bench. The kitten hangs around at the restaurant I was eating, I don't think it's officially theirs but the staff look after it. The kitten was trying to get into my bag so I gently picked it up and moved it away, it stretched its leg out and accidentally jabbed me with its claw, through my dress.

    I looked in the mirror when I got a chance and while there was no obvious scratch, I do have a few spots there, including one in the area where it jabbed me. I don't know if this was from the jab or not - I always have a few red spots there. However since, it has been stinging.

    I know rabies is only a risk if the skin is broken, but how does one know if the skin is broken or not? I actually just went to the doctor, but there was a language barrier and he looked and said there was no scratch. I know there's no like obvious scratch, but is there any risk of rabies transmission?

    I apologise again, I know this gets asked all the time but it just seems such a grey area. Obviously if the cat bit me I'd get the shots but I'm just worried about how it can be transmitted and the fact that I couldn't speak to the doctor properly about it made me feel quite anxious.

    It's worth noting that I have had all the rabies jabs this year (pre-ex and post as I did actually get bit by a dog in Laos).

    If anyone could just let me know what they would do in this situation, I'd really appreciate it. Thankyou.

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    Re: Rabies fear is back - cat in Turkey

    Quote Originally Posted by claire92 View Post
    If anyone could just let me know what they would do in this situation, I'd really appreciate it. Thankyou.
    I'd continue to enjoy what sounds like a wonderful adventure

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