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Thread: Increasingly Panicking About Bowel Symptoms

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    Loose Stools - 1 Weeks

    I have had loose stools for one week now (once a day in the morning.) This in itself may not seem a big deal, but I drink a lot - an average of just over 4 pints of light lager per day. I am concerned about liver damage. I had my liver tested (blood tests,) 3 years ago and it was all clear. Secondly, I am concerned about bowel cancer, my Grandfather and uncle died of it (I am middle aged.)

    I have no other symptoms at the moment, weight is the same etc, no discomfort.

    Overall Id say that my diet is good.

    Basically I have convinced myself that I have liver damage or bowel cancer, and am now in 'full panic mode,' to the extent that I am not functioning properly at all. I also experience regular health anxiety, and almost every week find 'new symptoms,' that cause significant anxiety.

    I have just forced myself to the health centre (only due to pestering from a relative,) which I always tried to avoid due to health anxiety, and await a call from the doctor. Fingers crossed, he will phone me today, as I quite literally cannot think about anything else other than this matter.
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    Increasingly Panicking About Bowel Symptoms

    I had 'loose bowel movements' about 2 weeks ago, and they returned to normal over the past week. I panic whenever I see anything like that, as I drink too much, and then connect the symptoms to something very nasty as a result of the drinking.

    I am trying to calm myself down, by suggesting to myself that the loose bowel movements are due to IBS - last night I ate broccoli, potatoes, and chicken. I thought that these were 'low FODMAP' foods, and therefore good for digestion/IBS?

    I have to add that I have not been diagnosed with IBS.

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    Re: Increasingly Panicking About Bowel Symptoms


    This is just a courtesy reply to let you know that your thread was merged with another of your threads.

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    It is nothing personal it is just to make it easier for people to follow your story and to give you advice as a whole.

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    Re: Increasingly Panicking About Bowel Symptoms

    My situation is still ongoing. I had bad diarrhea last weekend on a single occassion (after 1 week of passing normal stools.) This led me panicking to an extent I've not seen before, and daily anxiety. I booked an appointment with a private GP who has 30 plus years experience (I don't have private medical cover.) I told him about my drinking habits (now stopped.) He asked me a few questions, gave me a quick visual examination, and palpated my liver/spleen. He said on palpating my liver that he could not detect any firmness/swelling, and that my spleen was so small, he could hardly feel it.

    In the doctor's opinion he does not think that I have liver disease/bowel cancer, and advised me to 'stop worrying.' He added that the fact my weight has maintained itself, and I passed a liver test 3 years ago, were positive signs. The doctor said I should try and get some blood tests through the NHS to reassure myself.

    The doctor also rejected some of my other 'symptoms' that I believed backed up my self diagnosis, e.g. tiny burst blood vessels on the back of my arm - he looked at them and said 'that is tiny'!

    I felt better immediately after seeing doctor, but yesterday had 'loose stool' on a single occasion - this followed a normal bowel movement. I am now back to panicking, to the extent that I am not functioning properly.

    Since on the whole I am passing normal bowel movements daily, and only very occasionally have had loose bowel movements, should I try and focus on what the doctor said to me?
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    Re: Increasingly Panicking About Bowel Symptoms

    Of course you should - they're trained to tell what's serious and what isn't.

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    Re: Increasingly Panicking About Bowel Symptoms

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueIris View Post
    Of course you should - they're trained to tell what's serious and what isn't.
    Yes, I appreciate the above, but when your fears are so deep rooted it can be tough. It entered my head he might just be giving positive chat just to keep me calm until I get a blood test.

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    Re: Increasingly Panicking About Bowel Symptoms

    Nope, that sounds really unlikely.

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    Re: Increasingly Panicking About Bowel Symptoms

    Thanks for the reply, BlueIris.

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    Re: Increasingly Panicking About Bowel Symptoms

    Hey! Bit late to this one but if you're still fretting, bear in mind that cancer symptoms, if they're genuine, don't really fluctuate as much as yours seem to be here. I've been through a bout of really quite aggressive health anxiety revolving around the subject so I know how hard it can be. It's maybe even more difficult than anxiety around other parts of the body because your guts are so closely linked to your mind, responding to mood and feelings much more acutely than, say, a heart would. There's a reason we get the squits when we're nervous.

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