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    Small dots of blood in the morning and food getting stuck

    Hi guys,
    over the past few months I've been getting the feeling of food being stuck at the very bottom of my throat/top of chest, it doesn't happen all the time just now & again. I thought it was from eating too fast so I've intentionally slowed down but it's still happening.
    on Thursday last week I had a really croaky voice all day, no matter how many times I cleared my throat it wouldn't go, no sore throat or anything else but I was very anxioys that day.
    On Friday I went to a wedding which I was also very anxious about, in the morning I felt like I had a big lump of something stuck in my throat and when I swallowed it hurt in this area. I'm a veteran of anxiety so kept telling myself it was because I was anxious and eventually it went, I was very croaky again all day though.
    yesterday I took my kids to a theme park and so did scream a few times on the rides, and had a mild sore thoat all day.
    on each of those days when I've cleAred my throat in the morning there has been 2 or 3 very small dots of red blood.
    Any thoughts? These past few days of weird throat stuff have come after reading your posts so could well be me taking on your symptoms (which I've done SO many times) but it doesn't explain the dots of blood and the throat feeling. My extreme anxiousness about it all is worse because I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb this year. I've had mastectomy and am now on Tamoxifen, no lymph node involvement but still anxious about the whole thing.
    Thanks guys x

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    Re: Small dots of blood in the morning and food getting stuck


    I'm really sorry to hear about your diagnosis of breast cancer, but I'm glad you're on the forums because we can all offer you support where possible.

    Only because of your recent diagnosis of breast cancer, is the reason I think you should run this past your GP or even your nurse specialist.

    The swallowing issue you describe sounds exactly like something I get - and have done since I was a teenager. Basically, I'd swallow and it feels like the food slows down, only to move again by itself or with another "swallow". I work at a Cancer Centre and I can say when there's something blocking the gullet, the "presentation" is a lot more dramatic than which you describe.

    I vomited blood a few weeks ago. It wasn't just a "streak" or a clot, but vomit the colour of blood. So it was rather an extensive bleed and there was no mistaking it. (Public Service Announcement for anyone reading this in the future, worrying about vomiting blood: there's NO mistaking it when it happens, so if you have to Google "what does vomited blood look like", you have not vomited blood). (I've since developed classic stomach ulcer symptoms, so I'm being treated as such and I'm happy with that dx). Sorry for digressing, but the blood you describe sounds like simple throat irritation - I have never heard of anything sinister presenting as a dot or two of blood.

    I'm not a doctor, so you're best to run these things past your GP or specialist nurse, but I'm very sure you have nothing to worry about. It's also worth noting that there are many medications which you're potentially on which could be causing your symptoms... Hence why this is better dealt with by your GP/nurse.

    But please keep us posted and I hope I've been able to offer you reassurance in the interim

    Good luck
    Healthcare Professional with Health Anxiety

    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

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