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    Penile lump

    I know logically I am probably massively overthinking things but here goes. For over 8 years I have had a lump in the right side of the penis shaft, about halfway, that is much more prominent/palpable when erect and immediately after, than when flaccid. The first couple of doctors said there was nothing there. The third doctor agreed there was something there, and though he said he was not concerned, referred me to a consultant urologist. By this point at least two years had passed since I first noticed it. The urologist confirmed there was a lump, that was indeed palpable. He was absolutely adamant that it was nothing to worry about - he diagnosed it as a congenital thickening of the right corpus cavernosum. In the alternative he suggested it could be peyronies though he considered this unlikely as it would be an atypical presentation. In either case, he said he did not expect it to worsen as it had not really changed over the two years.

    Fast forward to the present, six years later. I can't say for certain but I think the lump is a tiny bit bigger/more prominent, though really not much. It causes me no issues, functionally everything is fine, I have no issues whatsoever with urinating, erections, ejaculation etc. I have noticed that occasionally I get an almost tingle/tickle sensation that lasts a few seconds that seems to come from the right hand side where the lump is. I made the mistake of trying to google about peyronies and happened across an article reporting extremely extremely rare cases where penile cancer had initially been misdiagnosed as peyronies. There are less than ten reported cases in the past 40 years so I know it is ridiculously unlikely. Normally I would think - well if it's been eight years it surely isn't cancer, however one of the men in the literature had a 13 year period between diagnosis as peyronies and eventual diagnosis of penile cancer.

    I know its unlikely but being a severe HA sufferer I can't get the fear of misdiagnosis out of my mind. I know logically its insanely rare, and that to go 8 years with no real symptoms/progression would be so unlikely. However, the hypochondriac in me thinks why do the (albeit rare) tingle/tickle sensations seem to come from the lump, and if it is a congenital thickening - why would it get larger (if only a tiny tiny bit). Is this just another example of how severe my HA is becoming?

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    Re: Penile lump

    Quote Originally Posted by mcohen View Post
    Is this just another example of how severe my HA is becoming?
    Based on the length of time it's been there and the number of exams as well as obvious constant self examinations, yes, it's an indication that your HA needs addressing.

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    Re: Penile lump

    If it was penile cancer, you wuld know

    I have HA myself

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