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Thread: Red coloured poo in normal poo

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    Red coloured poo in normal poo

    Had 2 very wide bowel movements past 2 days both times some of the poo has been reddish in colour (not dark red..more towards a pink red colour).it's reddish poo bits mixed in with light and dark brown so maybe less than a 6th is reddish.

    It's not blood mixed in its just the reddish hue poo. My poo has been different shades of brown n yellow and hard to pass due to lack of eating and stress and withholding bowel movements...lots of ignoring the urge go and I have been taking stool softners dulcolease as I am constipated...I had no poo problems until my anxiety but have been having lots of gas. I had pain but that's gone after bm.I realise I have put my bowels through the ringer and I have made myself constipated and me lying around upset all day has given me sluggish digestion.

    Some sites say it could be something you ate but I've not ate any red foods recently. Maybe 3 days ago I ate plum jam which was very deep red and I had strawberries that day....Also had cranberry juice before that. I am drinking nourishment can drinks also. I am so worried about it being bowel cancer after everything else.

    Anyone had reddish poo beforehand and it was ok?
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