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Thread: Please help, need some wise words

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    Re: Please help, need some wise words

    Kids don't eat when they feel a bit ill. My youngest didn't eat a single thing for 11 days about 18 months ago as he had a nasty bug, I even called 111 who weren't concerned at all. They said as long as he's drinking fluids, let it pass.

    Remember, you're creating the issue here, not him. Focus on you, not him. Don't over analyse his toilet or eating habits, just walk away and do something else.

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    Re: Please help, need some wise words

    Thanks everyone- being able to get rid of my worst thoughts on here helped a lot. Iím trying to be a bit less emotional about his eating and look at everything a bit more dispassionately. His behaviour is totally normal, plenty of energy. Weíre on holiday and all he wants to do is swim. Iím guessing if he was ill he wouldnít do that? Yesterday he ate a lot better (really enthusiastically fed himself some cereal heíd never had before and actually asked for lunch.) Today heís been more picky with everything but Iím wondering if heís playing some sort of game with me as heíll swear blind he doesnít like something he ate very happily the day before. Heíll drink and drink until the cows come home though...So I wonder if itís more a temperamental 4 year old than an ill 4 year old? Maybe heís just a bit out of sorts as weíve been away so much this summer...

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    Re: Please help, need some wise words

    Your son is absolutely fine! It doesnít sound like he is ill. Kids complain about tummy aches a LOT. My son does the same. Sometimes itís to get my attention, other times itís because he is feeling bored or he actually feels something like acidity or even different sensations in the tummy. A lot of these pains are psychological too and most parents will attest that their children have done the same.

    As for the eating - honestly, not all kids are good eaters. Mine are so difficult to feed and if it were upto them they would eat Oreo cookies and drink milk all day. Other than that they would take a few nibbles of whatever I give them. Was your child ever a good eater?

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    Re: Please help, need some wise words

    Heís never been an amazing eater- heís just never been super bothered about food but there are some things you can rely on him wanting (dry cereal and yoghurt in the morning, peanut butter on toast at ANY time, his favourite crisps...) and over the last few days heís not been bothered about anything but milk (though will take some food if I spoon it in so I think heís getting enough.) Heís not complaining about anything, heís just not wanting to eat much...

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