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Thread: New to panic attacks and HA

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    New to panic attacks and HA

    Hi all,

    Recently been diagnosed with a panic disorder and health anxiety, I am on the waiting list for CBT and currently started a new course of anti depressants to control this.

    I was diagnosed with GAD in January 2018 and decided to manage this without help, I was having ectopic beats and a fast heart ratein this time ( just gone back to work after maternity leave, 40 hours a week and a single parent) and after blood test ECGs and a 24 hour monitor all was clear was diagnosed with anxiety. I chose to monitor this and try to cope without medication in this time but this year has been tough due to loss of 2 family members within two months of each other I had my first panic attack in early July 2019 and now they have been 3-4 times a week! I have had more blood test ECGs and an echo just to rule out any causes with my heart but all was fine and normal but I keep focusing on this and struggling to stop checking my pulse and googling (silly I know)

    When I have a panic attack at the start i feel like a sucking/fluttering it in my throat/chest like my heart has stopped beating then the panic attack starts, does this sound familiar? They can come out of nowhere or happen when I am anxious

    Does anyone have any recommendations on self help books/techniques I can try whilst waiting for my CBT as I am staying off google for the foreseeable future!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: New to panic attacks and HA

    Quote Originally Posted by Amyyleanne46 View Post
    Does anyone have any recommendations on self help books/techniques I can try whilst waiting for my CBT
    Take a look at THIS.

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    Re: New to panic attacks and HA

    Hi, and welcome.

    Really sorry to hear about your bereavements and that you've been struggling. I'm glad you're seeking some help and are going to have some CBT. IMO, the best thing you can do for panic is to expose yourself to it. It's not easy and feels horrible, but it won't hurt you. Put yourself into situations that make you panicky and ride it out. One step at a time, but the sooner you come to realise nothing bad will happen, the sooner you'll get rid of the panic.

    As for books, I like the "overcoming" series and I'm sure there is one for panic disorder (probably called Overcoming Panic, I have it upstairs but can't remember!) I've also seen a lot of people recommend books by Claire Weekes, I think that's called "self help for your nerves" or similar.
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