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Thread: Head and memory

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    Head and memory

    I tried to hug my mum and she accidently hit her nail really hard on forehead which had a lot of force behind it and i got a lil cut too ( she has really sharp nails i rinsed it with water but should i be worried about trauma related injuries/infection?
    Also today my mum open a cupboard and i was accidently put a carton of juice in there instead of the fridge when she told me i did this i honestly didnt remember.
    Ive done this before but i usually clock that ive done this as im doing it.
    It felt like maybe a memory lapse?
    It freaked me out.

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    Re: Head and memory

    So.... based on the level of your anxiety and how that affects you, this is an issue because?

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    Re: Head and memory

    When you’re anxious about something it consumes you to the point that all you can think about is your anxiety. Then there’s just not enough room to remember banal stuff like whether you brushed your teeth or put the juice away. You’re fine.

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