Thanks PDU.

Out of interest what is the difference between Nortriptyline and Reboxetine. You said before the TCA would be a better bet so how is their action different? My psych quite happily handed me a script for Reboxetine with 5 repeats on it, just incase.... plus a long list of other meds to try.. and of course the Trintellix but tbh I think the meds just aggravate my anxiety. I want to ditch the lot of them (don't worry, I won't)

I'm losing patience with Pregabalin - I just feel so drowsy and spaced out (not to mention anxious).. I just can't function properly and I need to be able to.

It's possible I may just stay on 5mg escitalopram for now and reset. I've started up yoga again and getting more organised and eating healthier. I've told myself I will only improve if I take meds but I don't think this is always the case if you can make lifestyle changes.