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Thread: heart attack?

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    heart attack?

    hi all,

    So i do suffer from HA particularly my heart but last night when i laid down on bed i had sudden nausea which then led to a cold sweat. i sat up,and it felt like my heart was beating fast and hard. had no shortness of breath or chest pain and it passed in around 15 minutes. Iíve read that in women this can indicate a heart attack and they can often be silent. really worried now this is what i experienced.

    my mother has heart disease. I had a ecg recently plus an echo about two years ago which were fine but i am overweight and have high cholesterol. Iím pretty scared.


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    Re: heart attack?

    I really wouldn't stress over this. You've said yourself that a lot of your anxiety focuses on your heart, and this is most likely to be a simple panic attack.

    Have a chat to your GP when you get the chance, but I wouldn't go rushing to A&E.

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