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Thread: Chest pain

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    Re: Chest pain

    Anyone else have chest pain at night, really worried ..

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    Re: Chest pain

    If you're getting it intermitently without exertion it's unlikey to be angina. My dad had angina for several years but only if he was walking cross country or exerting himself in the garden.
    If it's happening mainly at night it's almost certainly because you're anxious and focused on it. Had this problem myself a few years ago... even had a ramp test at hospital (along with a queue of other mid aged males with worried looks) ... that was fine. They got me up to jogging speed and all wired up and no problems. But I still didn't believe them and each night as I lay in bed with this growing, burning ache plum in the centre of my chest I thought my days (hours, seconds) were numbered. In fact it stayed with me for nigh on three months until I got so racked off with the fear and uncertainty that I'd end up yelling at 'IT' in the small hours ( I live alone, not even a cat to scare !). I sort of gave it the 'come on then if you think your hard enough' treatment and gradually it eased and eventually went altogether. I still get the mysterious aches and pains but I'm pretty sure its just my old 'mate' anxiety having a tease. Chin up.

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