Happy bank holiday all.

I'm 39 and have battled with anxiety for longer than I can remember. I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety as I just went along with what the specialists were telling me - I never had the confidence to question what I was told. I don't believe I have SA, I really think I have APD which are very different. I think most of my issues come from having an habit in my 20's and early 30's which was smoking cannabis daily.

My days are so up and down. Once that hole swallows me up I find it difficult to get back out - nowadays that hole appears less but it takes me longer to recover.

I have zero friends which I am ashamed of but I never give up. My partner is my world away from work - she has two kids aged 9 and 13 who just seem to wind me up.

I need a time out from them at times but I have no one to chat with which I think would distract me and give me time to recover my head.

Anyone else with a similar history? Anyone willing to spare me some of their time? I'd be forever thankful.