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    Smile Just some thoughts..

    Hi all...guess I just wanted to express how I'm feeling. It's funny how we all have a different story. Just been reading how someone on here is on the point of crashing because of the pressure of work..Yet here am I feeling bad because I don't do enough. My anxiety overwhelms me so much that I am paralysed into doing nothing. That all leads to me feeling really low..I envy people who have a busy lifestyle...there seems no time in their day surely for self doubt or worry. I suppose life's circumstances have bought me to where I am now. We all have a story to tell but whatever it was we have all ended up on here..It's good to know there's somewhere we can express our feelings..Just a pat on the back,a virtual hug,some words of encouragement can make all the difference. I find myself alone a lot..half my problem I'm sure but at least I can post on here share with others..even if it's a distraction from thinking too much and allowing the demons to take over..Just writing it all down can help..Thanks for listening.

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    Re: Just some thoughts..

    Yes, each of our stories is unique, yet once we find ourselves here, we all have a LOT in common. Some of us are too busy, some of us have too much time on our hands. I guess finding the perfect balance is key, and it's what I'm working on now. I was part of the over-worked, over-stressed, exhausted and frustrated work force for 40 years and when it dawned on me how badly it was killing me, physically and emotionally, I had to make the really difficult decision to leave. So I went from running on adrenaline and stress to waking up and having NOTHING to do.... quite the culture shock.

    I'm in the process of learning to relax and fill my time with enjoyable things (in addition to the necessary things) and trying to NOT feel guilty about not doing more. I think I've paid my dues and am trying to learn to reap the benefits and relax.

    And I agree, regardless of our history, story, or lifestyle, this is a wonderful place to come read, post, and share. Thanks to all the admins for keeping this forum alive.

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    Re: Just some thoughts..

    I suspect it might be me you're referring to, and if this is the case, I have to say I'm feeling very awkward about that.

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    Re: Just some thoughts..

    Oh no..please don't feel that..that was not my intention at all. Please don't feel awkward it just triggered me into thinking about how different our lives are and yet how we all end up feeling the same. Please read comment above from Dusting myself's put much better than I could express..I read your post and felt a sense of admiration for have great strength and tenacity to get to where you are now. It was not meant personally more as just as a trigger that made me think..I wish you all the best and hope you get through this particularly busy time..Don't feel awkward feel proud of yourself..

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    Re: Just some thoughts..

    Sorry, Darkdays, just tired and touchy.

    I do get what you're saying, and I live in terror of unemployment for that very reason.

    You're right, though, this is a wonderful place and a wonderful community.

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    Re: Just some thoughts..

    "Keep busy" is always advocated when you have mental health issues but the reality is that it's difficult to fill your waking hours productively if you feel "rudderless" and without a sense of purpose. I'm lucky in that I'm "needed" as a carer to my adult children but without this focus and intensity I would really struggle. I guess this is co-dependency but it gets me through the days and nights. I admire anyone who can find the right balance if it exists.

    I hope you find a way to make your days more bearable, Darkdays and please keep posting on your thread if it helps?

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    Re: Just some thoughts..

    Thanks so much for that...

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    Re: Just some thoughts..


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