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Thread: anxiety is back!

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    anxiety is back!

    Hey everyone,

    I've been away from here for quite a while, thought I'd conquered my anxiety (mainly SA with OCD), was getting on with life. Used to use NMP chat a lot...miss those days! Seems pretty quiet on there at the moment.

    Over the last few weeks, the anxiety has really kicked in, which in turn is making me feel very down and I'm now struggling to cope. Those closest to me don't understand, which is making me feel totally on my own with this. Plus, I'm now pretty good at masking my issues, and it's therefore very hard for me to explain just how bad things can get. Just wondering if anyone wants to talk/share experiences or just talk about life in general. I guess I'm just feeling very alone with my anxiety issues right now. For background, I'm 35 and currently live in Cheshire, UK.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Re: anxiety is back!

    Hi James.
    I don't think the chat feature works anymore, or maybe I just always try it when no one else is there. Feel free to post your thoughts and feelings on the forum, or if you want something more private, feel free to PM me and we can share experiences that way.

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    Re: anxiety is back!

    hi james, feel free to message me

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    Re: anxiety is back!

    If you can't handle me, that makes two of us.

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    Re: anxiety is back!

    Thanks Sue and ladyhawke, I really appreciate that. Yeah, I was wondering whether there might be something wrong with chat, but perhaps nobody uses it anymore.Either way, it's so good to have the support of you all here. Being part of the NMP community makes such a difference - mental health problems are so isolating.

    Hi Em, I hope you're keeping well

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