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Thread: tired of anxiety

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    tired of anxiety

    im really tired of my anxiety making me do things that i wouldn't normally do. especially my hypochondria. i havent seen my therapist in weeks (she's school based and there's been a few scheduling issues) so i really haven't been able to talk to her about my issues. i only see her once a week for 45 minutes- an hour and i really don't think that's enough time, but i'm afraid to ask for possibly more time or more frequent visits. i'm tired of worrying about things that neither my family or i have medically wrong with us. it's been hell for a really long time i just wish it would all stop. just needed to vent for a little bit

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    Re: tired of anxiety

    You’ve been heard. Hang in there.
    I'm still a work in progress.
    Currently working on: World Domination

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    Re: tired of anxiety

    You should definitely ask for more sessions if you think you will benefit from it,
    Better than worrying and feeling alone and exhausted by this.
    I m currently waiting for exposure therapy but it could be weeks or months before I get it ( NHS in UK I m afraid ) sometimes I think I should try to go private.

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