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Thread: Stress ecg. Worried

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    Stress ecg. Worried

    I had a stress ecg today after being referred to a chest pain clinic by my gp. I always have a degree of chest pain which radiates up down and across at varying intensities. My resting ECGs have all been normal as has an echocardiogram and chest X-ray. Iím slightly confused after stress test today and I didnít think to ask the questions. I made it to 11 minutes before my legs went wobbly and I felt light headed. I almost reach optimum heart rate and I had done fine up to that point. My ecg didnít change and I kept being told my blood pressure was fine ( as far as I know it rose like it should). But when I was lightheaded and had to stop my blood pressure had lowered a lot and I think the lady said that was normal but everything Iíve read since suggests this is a sign of coronary artery disease. After a glass of water and a biscuit I was allowed to leave and I thought everything was fine but since coming home Iíve discovered that blood pressure shouldnít drop like that and isnít a good sign. Does anyone know if this is correct? Should I be worried or would I not have been allowed to leave if this was bad?

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    Re: Stress ecg. Worried

    Quote Originally Posted by Emls78 View Post
    Should I be worried or would I not have been allowed to leave if this was bad?
    I know what your anxiety is telling you but what does logic and common sense tell you?

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    Re: Stress ecg. Worried

    I donít know what to think. I wasnít worried and thought Iíd done pretty well until I read that the blood pressure decrease wasnít normal and could indicate heart disease. I felt pretty rough after the test as Iím not fit so didnít think to ask any questions. I wasnít told anything was wrong but I also wasnít told everything was fine. Plus she knew how anxious I was so Iím also worried that she didnít want to worry me!

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    Re: Stress ecg. Worried


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