New poster here but not new when it comes to Health Anxiety. About two weeks ago - I had some very light spotting on days 8-10 - my period normally only goes for 7 days. Since any spotting not normal to you - is supposed to be checked out - I went in to see my GYN. BTW - I am almost 51 - still regular periods - although earlier this year had one that started earlier and last fall had one start a little later - so I was thinking that this spotting could be perimenopause type thing going on. Anyway, GYN exam doctor felt pelvis felt normal and said let's also do a TV ultrasound which showed normal lining but one very small 1 mm cyst was found on right ovary and she said it was a complex cyst which she wants to check again in 3 months. Does anyone have experience with these? So far, no symptoms of any sort and I feel if it is still there or getting bigger on next ultrasound maybe it is best to get it removed? Has anyone had anything like this? And of course, the day after my appointment with her the spotting - thankfully - has stopped. Any replies would be very helpful. Thank you.