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    Tingling in finger

    About a month ago, at a friend's party, I had pricked myself on the finger with a holly leaf, which made it bleed and left a puncture wound. Now for once, I actually didn't freak out, because I didn't allow myself to gaslight myself into thinking it was an invisible bat. However now....a little more than a full month later....This morning I felt a tingling sensation in what I presume to be the finger I was pricked on. And I thought back when I looked up a medical journal about sensations like that in the bite spot is one of the first symptoms.....And now I'm falling back into the invisible bat rabbit hole again....

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    Re: Tingling in finger

    Awww... c'mon now.... basically you're constructing an imaginary ninja bat story here. (What if a ninja rabid bat drooled on the holly leaf seconds before it pricked my finger and I'm not even sure it's the same finger scenario?) You have to have the inner fortitude to stop this one!

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