Well I'll be on Escitalopram for two weeks this coming Tuesday. I figured I'd give an update on the side effects that I have had, am currently having, and started to experience. I've been on 10mg since day 1

1. Nausea (started day one, really really rough, has since subsided thank god)
2. Insomnia (started before I took Escitalopram, took it at night made my insomnia worse switched it to morning has seemed to lessened still have it but more manageable.)
3. Appetite is all over the place from being ravenously hungry to not being hungry not all, all this can seem to happen in the span of 45 minutes,
4. The sexual side effects suck! (Pretty much the only one I have is delayed ejaculation, god I hope this wears off soon
5. Sweating I had some minor sweating due to my anxiety but what I noticed about a week in to my meds I find myself getting hot but not to the touch and then I begin to sweat quite a bit and it seems to last anywhere between 15 minutes to 45 minutes or until I get in front of a fan
6. Drowsiness
7. Very mild tremors in hands (comes and goes)
8.feeling of being full
9. Gas and burping (carried over from my anxiety)
10. Anxiety that comes and goes.
11. I'm assuming weight gain I haven't weighed myself but it seems that I have a little bit more of a gut then when I started.
12. Heartburn (but I think I have Reflux and need to take Omeprazole)