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    Unhappy i have brain fog from 5 days ago

    hi people, i think that it is a great place to share our history hidden behind anxiety.
    well my case is the follow i'm a medical student, but i noticed that the fews days i can't stay to concentrate and i felt these symptoms:

    • memory problems
    • lack of mental clarity
    • poor concentration
    • inability to focus

    it's really a problem for me, while i'm studying my head hurt so much with few minutes doing it.
    i need help with this, i'm so worry about it and my mind starts to think about terminal diseases as lupus, ALS, among others.
    i don't see any solution, i try to do exercise, mindfulness, good diet for several days and i going in the same situation
    sorry i speak Spanish then i could make a lot mistakes written

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    Re: i have brain fog from 5 days ago


    For what it's worth, these are all absolutely classic anxiety symptoms, and I get them myself when my own anxiety flares. I know it's tough, but try to accept that they're caused by the stress you're under.

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