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Thread: Latest worry - please help

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    Latest worry - please help

    So after sort of getting over my ovarian cancer fear that once again reared its head, Iím now focusing on other symptoms that are causing me to worry about womb cancer. Iím 27 and currently worried about the following:

    - heavy periods. Iíve had heavy periods for as long as I can remember but Iíve recently read that if you use more than two or three pads a day thatís very heavy (I probably use four or five the first two days). I also get the occasional clot that again Iíve has for as long as I can remember. They last 3-4 days and the first one is very heavy, the next lighter then the next two are very light. Theyíre regular, as in every month but sometimes are a few days later than the previous month was.

    - period pains a week before period. I did another post about this, but I get period pains a week before Iím due on. I donít usually have any when Iím actually on my period. Iím worried this is a sign the womb lining is very thick or something?

    - greasy hair. Not a major worry but about a year ago my hair started to get so oily quickly, as in Iíd wash it one day then the next itís greasy. Iím now thinking this is some sort of hormonal change that has me worried.

    I have PCOS and had a trans-vaginal scan three years ago which was fine other than a few small cysts on my left ovary. In fact they only said I had PCOS because of my acne and other symptoms.

    I had blood tests done two weeks ago which were fine apart from low iron (which Iíve had before) and included a CA125 test.

    Iíve got another doctors appointment next week which Iím going to discuss these issues and also CBT for my health anxiety.

    Anyone else had anything similar? Any reassurance would be much appreciated (as always &#128553

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    Re: Latest worry - please help

    Hey, hope you ok .
    not sure if this will reassure you but I always had and still do very heavy period, on second day I will get through half a pack of sanitary towels and also can have some large blood clots also with lot of pain mainly day one and two.
    But I ve been having regular smear test and that seems to be ok so that puts my mind at rest a bit.
    you clearly had few tests and nothing suggest that you may have a cancer so please try not to worry about it ( even I know if you suffer from health anxiety that can be difficult )
    i think heavy painful periods are quite common and it doesn’t mean anything bad.
    I think it’s more down to hormones than something sinister happening

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    Re: Latest worry - please help

    Hi keta,

    That is reassuring thank you 😊 Iím trying to be logical thinking theyíve been this way for ages and I havenít worried about it before, but when youíre in the midst of a healthy anxiety panic itís hard to be rational.

    Thanks for commenting xx

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