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    Different kind of panic attack

    Hi all,

    Only 3 months in to these joys of health anxiety and panic attacks so still learning the ropes of it all, I like to come on here and read other peoples experiences so I know Iím not alone as thatís how it feels sometimes when no one around you suffers with this god awful condition!

    This morning I had a god awful panic attack (I think) I say I think because it wasnít in the usual manner ie rapid pounding heart - that I can deal with

    My heart rate spread up as it does but it felt extremely weak rather than pounded I tried taking my pulse but it was very difficult and I think I got it around 130, I went very light headed, dizzy.

    It stopped now and I am just tingling and ears ringing waiting for this to pass

    Does this sound like a panic attack?

    Also to mention I have severe health anxiety around my heart which I am waiting for CBT for and currently going through some self help books while I wait, had ecg, 24, ct chest with contrast and echo all normal

    Thanks guys

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    Re: Different kind of panic attack

    Panic attack, anxiety attack ....

    You can actually cure it. Takes a bit of time and a lot of courage but definitely doable.

    I'm new here but the other day a member called Ankiety Joe posted a link to how to overcome panic attacks. You should drop him a PM or maybe an older member here will know where it is

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    Re: Different kind of panic attack

    Hi lebonvin,

    Thank you I will try to find the link, I am reading Claire weekes at the minute and I know the key to all this is acceptance and letting time pass which I am putting into practice and I can bring myself out of a panic attack within 10minutes these days this one just felt completely different in that my heart felt like it was rapid but barely beating as oppose to the beating out of chest feeling so it scared me stupid resulting in it lasting 45 minutes this morning!

    Horrendous and just after some experiences hoping anxiety is just making me feel worse now Iíve got used to one kind of attack itís giving me another but I donít really have anyone to talk to about it all as they donít understand how frightening the symptoms can be!

    Thanks for your reply

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    Re: Different kind of panic attack

    You're in good company here - try not to worry? Any of us can get blindsided by a bad panic attack if it's slightly different to the norm or we don't see it coming.

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    Re: Different kind of panic attack

    Thank you BlueIris, itís nice to vent to people that understand as all I usually get is snap out of it which as you know is the one thing we all want to do but canít instantly! Had a really good few days so suppose because I havenít released the adrenaline it decided to KO me this morning!

    Thanks again for your reply

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    Re: Different kind of panic attack

    Claire Weekes is fantastic.

    The more you practice (not test) yourself in dealing with panic attacks, the less frequently they will occur.

    If you get another one which I hope you dont, do as Claire says and will it on to do it's very worst! 10 minutes will become a thing of the past.

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