I've been 3 days without effexor. I told my doctor they are not helping and make me feel sleepy constantly. He accepted my decision and asked if I wanted to try something else. I said for now I'm ok on with the diazepam.

I haven't had any increase in anxiety. In fact, the opposite. No panic attacks at least. But, I'm left with an increased heart rate, brain zaps every time I move my eyes, vivid (but amazing) dreams, nausea and a few other things.My heart rate will be fine one moment but the next sky high. No anxiety or worry involved. I'm pretty much telling myself all these horrid feelings are a result of coming off the meds and getting through ok.

Not sure what happens next, but I would like to be medication free and do something proactive about anxiety. I've come to terms with anxiety attacks and accept they may happen at any point. What I want to do is learn to control them and proceed with normal life. My doctor seemed very on board with this, but until our next discussion I don't know where I go from here. I'm still under the care of the community and awaiting a discussion with the doctor there because he doesn't know I haven't been taking my promzine. I hope they are able to get the ball rolling on alternative treatment.

For now the diazepam will suffice and my doctor has agreed to continue giving me them provided I continue to work towards lowering my usage and coming off them. I agreed. Today I've had 1, and with any luck I can keep it that way.