Going to use this space to post my music. I enjoy creating it, and sharing it. It's the one thing that helps release my emotions into music. There is somebody among this forum who has the kindest heart I've ever known and that kindness will never be forgotten.

I don't post full music online because sadly people steal it and claim it as their own but if anybody wants a copy of any of the tracks let me know and I can send you the complete tracks.

My music is mostly influenced by dark melodic feelings, but I do have moments of the complete opposite. I'm going to use this space to share what I create.

Hexadecimal - https://clyp.it/dj4ywygk

Frontline - https://clyp.it/czm1xgka

1UP - https://clyp.it/uqxzbjkl (this is an upbeat sounding track)