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Thread: Yoga for constipation

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    Yoga for constipation

    I hate yoga. It bores me shitless (sorry).

    I was told I got IBS cozza depression and anxiety which is no surprise. Problem is what to do about it.

    Plenty of fruit and fiber is good advice but don't always work.

    Then I found this yoga gig. It's only 7 poses and will take about 20 minutes if you do it proper which is about 5 bresths. Warning - poses 1,3,5,7are brutal. First time if yous anything like me you'll feel nausea and stomach muscle pain cozza all the twisting and hardly able to walk cozza pain at top of legs. I'm not saying you'll be rushing straight off to the john but later same day if not next morning you should get some bowel movement. It's one of them gigs you gotta do every day and I promise it gets easier. Give it a bash.

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    Re: Yoga for constipation

    As Sir Terence would say, bump! I've learnt one helluva lotta new words since joining this forum, or different meanings for existing words.

    I do this yoga gig every day. It's actually 10 poses because 3 of the you do both sides. It works!

    Having said that, maybe I shouldn't advise for peoples who never done yoga before or got bad back problems or weak legs. It's very taxing and you need 30 minutes to recover from it. That's why you need to do between meals.

    It will also build up leg muscles which is so important the older yous get.

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    Re: Yoga for constipation

    Looks very interesting! Thanks for sharing

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