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Thread: Working and anxiety

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    Working and anxiety

    I've just recently qualified as a health professional last month and finished my degree. My uni friends are all getting a job and are excited. I just feel stuck in the mud and I'm not moving forward. I haven't even applied for my registration yet because I'm scared of being back in full time work because of my problems. I have health anxiety, quite severe ocd at night time and general anxiety. It is a dream job for me, and despite this I still can't get my act together. I drink too much, I am procrastinating and every week I promise myself I will get back to the gym, get a job, get my driving licence and join the real world. But I'm not, for a year now I have sunk into the abyss of anxiety and can't see a way out. I have finally reached the top of a waiting list for a psychologist and that's next week. But honestly I don't have high hopes. Sessions now are 30 minutes and I'm expecting to be given some generic ocd handout from whoever it is I see. Myself and partner have just moved in together and he is really on my case to stop drinking and get a job. He dismisses my mental health as laziness. I just don't know what to do, how do people live normally? I had a good two years where I felt better and was proactive, but that seems so far away right now. Any advice really appreciated x

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    Re: Working and anxiety

    Please don't beat yourself up over this? You wouldn't be beating yourself up if you were physically ill.

    I've always struggled with work because of my anxiety, but it is what it is - sometimes life takes you in unexpected directions. Enjoy the ride, and trust yourself.

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    Re: Working and anxiety

    Can't you attack this in bite sized chunks? You're giving yourself a long list of things you want to do and have turned them into a mountain to climb. How about volunteering somewhere to start mixing with society again. Local rescue kennels, walking dogs. A charity shop, there's plenty of them about. Then push on further, part time work moving to full time.

    once you start the ball rolling, you will be eager to get driving again, go back to the gym etc. Normality will take over and it's that what will make you feel better. Start small and push on up, you will get there in the end.
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