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Thread: Somethings wrong with me?

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    Somethings wrong with me?

    So for the past few months ive been getting these headaches and I've been to my dr about them and they just said 'We don't know', and sent me on my way.... He said he doesnt think its serious but to just keep an eye..... Anyway, flash forward..... Past couple days ive been getting horribly lightheaded / dizzy spells, where everything I look at it just feels kinda distorted and off.... And to add to the headaches, it came with some pain behind my eye on occasion... And I feel sick, CONSTANTLY..... Its no a cold or flu, I know what they feel like and its not that. The introduction of the new symptoms have come recently in the past 2 weeks and its starting to worry me like crazy.... Last night I was supposed to go out with a couple friends for some drinks, I got all dressed up and then I felt like I was about to pass out and I had to sit and not move for an hour because I couldnt walk in a straight line and kept wanting to vomit... The hour passed and it passed, but then the next morning it came back (and I couldnt drink that much either, for some reason the alcohol was making me gag and I can usually handle my booze)... Its been happening for the full 2 weeks now...
    Yknow how they say when theres something wrong with you, you know? Im worrying this might be it.... My mum and friend have both said they dont think its serious and that it just sounds like symptoms my anxiety can cause, but Im worried theyre wrong... and that Im seriously ill...
    Im on medication and thats already been looked into it and they dont cause this...
    Thank you for any input, I'm worried sick... The idea of a brain tumour has crossed my mind, alongside other diseases....
    (Also for anyone replying, my account is old... My new name is Ciera, not Kieran )

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    Re: Somethings wrong with me?

    Go back to your GP and have a chat, just to be on the safe side. Anxiety can do all sorts of weird things, but it never hurts to confirm that's what it is.

    I'm not an expert, but it sounds as though it might be a migraine aura variant, so that's worth looking into.

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    Re: Somethings wrong with me?

    Migraine was my first thought too. If you haven't already, it might also be worth having your eyes tested at the opticians.
    'If you're going through hell, keep going' (Winston Churchill)

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    Re: Somethings wrong with me?

    Not being able to walk straight AND vomiting sounds like vertigo to me
    I would see your GP. They can prescribe anti motion sickness medication

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