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Thread: Coming back to haunt me.. help :(

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    Coming back to haunt me.. help :(

    So last year i had a really really bad bout of OCD, I dealt with intrusive thoughts, anxiety, groinal response and POCD. At the time i was with my ex partner and confided in him through absolutely everything. I eventually overcame it and although every now and then when my anxiety spikes i experience intrusive thoughts i can deal with them just fine and they fly out of my thoughts. I have recently met a new partner who i am abolsutely infatuated with. im so happy and can really see myself settling down with this person i love him an unexplainable amount. My anxiety has spiked again over the past few days as i have had a thought of, what if my ex suddenly decides to message my current partner and tell him everything? What if my ex still has the messages that i sent to him about groinal response and what my thoughts were etc? Im terrifed! i dont want anything to get in the way of this happiness. I never even thought about this until recently seeing my ex in a nearby shop. Im pretty sure he knows im in a new relationship. He does not know my current partner, has never saw him or spoke to him as my current partner lives an hour away. Im so scared hes going to tell him and more scared because i feel like if my parter knew how much of a bad person i was he wouldnt want to be with me anymore. i feel embarrassed by myself :( Part of me thinks im probably just overthinking it and if my ex was going to do anything he would have done it by now? HELP :( i cant take this anxiety, i just want to enjoy my relationship like i was last week.

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    Re: Coming back to haunt me.. help :(

    You are seriously overthinking this one. How could your ex message your current partner? If they don't know each other to the point they could pass in the street, how could he message him? They don't have each other's number.

    an ex is an ex. We all have them and they tend to stay in the past. Don't let what's gone spoil your present and future. It sounds as if you are very happy with your new partner....enjoy it.
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