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    Hello old Friend...

    Hello everyone!

    Itís surreal to be back here. I remember in 2011, I joined this forum being at the Depths of despair. Having always suffered with anxiety/worry but hitting a very low point that I was in desperate need to find help. NMP certainly helped.

    I canít lie and say the last few years have been amazing. Because they havenít. But from where I was to now itís a complete turn around. When you suffer with mental health itís a constant battle. Every single day. Even on good days! You learn to cope, deal with things. Itís crappy to say, but you learn to live with it.

    The last 6/12 month have been a little more Ďheavyí for me, and my coping has been pushed to a higher limit. Which has set me back a little.

    I decided to swallow my pride and speak out. Going to my GP for help. So here I am with new medication & applying for talking therapies online. Iíve been signed off work (for the best) and Iím hopefully on the road to recovery. Iím trying not to over think all of this and believe that Iím falling back into ďsunshine 2011Ē as I know im not. Iím stronger than that now. Although itís feeling very tough and rocky and Ďickyí right now. Iím keeping faith.

    I hope everyone is doing the best they can today, and being kind to yourselves. We will have better days. More sunny days. We just need to get drenched in rain first haha!

    All my love to you all 🧡

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    Re: Hello old Friend...


    Remember, everybody has setbacks every now and again, it doesn't mean you're back to square one.

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