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Thread: Brain shaking/internal twitching?

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    Brain shaking/internal twitching?

    Recently I started feeling these subtle twitches or spasms (maybe even like a vibration feeling) in the back of my head/base of my head. I feel it a little during the day but mainly when I go to lay down and have my head against my pillow. Itís not constant but very often and freaks me out. Iím so scared I have something really wrong. Iím also getting pressure in the back of my head and pretty constant tension headaches. I keep trying to tell myself itís from sleeping wrong or straining neck muscles. Has anyone else felt something like this?

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    Re: Brain shaking/internal twitching?

    Hi- I just wanted to let you know youíre not alone. Iím not sure if youíre still experiencing this, but about 3 weeks ago I noticed some brain jitters (itís like someone injected my brain with caffeine). Iíve also had tension- like headaches but they move all over. It started in the back and temples, and now itís been on the top. Imagine if someone had their finger pressed on top of your head. Itís not painful, just horribly annoying. Iíve been to the chiro with some relief but it comes back. Have you found any relief, or are you still experiencing this?

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    Re: Brain shaking/internal twitching?

    Thank you for replying. Although this symptom did go away Iím still having tension headaches with pain and lots of pressure and other weird symptoms. I hate anxiety so much.

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    Re: Brain shaking/internal twitching?

    Hi, I’m glad the twitching and shaking went away. I’m sorry you’re still dealing with tension headaches. I hate them, and I struggle with them as well. I don’t know if this will help, but a stiff neck can cause referred pain to the head. I’ve been trying to be better about going to the chiro, getting massages and just doing stretches I find on YouTube. I hate anxiety too, it’s such a nasty beast.

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