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Thread: Eye balls hurt - Optic Neuritis?

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    Eye balls hurt - Optic Neuritis?

    Since Tuesday my eyes have been very achy. They feel almost bruised and itís mildly painful to move them from side to side up or down. Iíve stopped eye make up, contacts and wearing glasses with lots of eyedrops. Iím so freaked out that this is the start of optic neuritis. I have a big weekend ahead for my son and I need to be present but Iím picturing myself starting to loose vision , get the diagnosis then head in for an MRI and thus not there for my family.
    Please has anyone had achy eyes that hurt to move and it be nothing? It seemed to get better yesterday only to start up again today. I donít have a cold or sinus issues.
    Iím really upset.

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    Re: Eye balls hurt - Optic Neuritis?

    Iíve had it, had it last a good long while. I never talked to anyone about it professionally so I canít advise any further but I donít believe it to be uncommon or necessarily sinister by default.

    I always find I fixated on things and get more easily anxious when I have things coming up. Try and ground yourself in the moment and not think further ahead than the hear and now to limit some of the overwhelmed feelings you may have. Worrying about the future does nothing to impact it whatsoever but it does impact this moment right now.

    Positive vibes,


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