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    Cool Flying with the Black Dog

    It's been about 9 years since I was suffering from stress-related illness at work and I found this forum the most AMAZING place to meet people in the same boat.
    You guys REALLY helped and I'm SO plesed to say that I'm now 99.9% better.

    I'd found that there are others lke me that use the hobby of FPV Drone flying (I explain it in the video description) as a very effective way of finding peace.

    So,I made this little video as a thank-you to everyone that's helped me with I was ill, and perhaps a suggestion to anyone else that feels the same way.

    Peace and love!!!

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    Re: Flying with the Black Dog

    Great to hear a success story - good for you! I'm off to Google exactly what FPV flying is and what it entails. OK, just read about it for a few minutes and not sure if it's any different than the drones I've been buying my husband and son every Christmas? I've bought them quite a few over the years because something bigger and better always gets produced but I never thought about doing it myself. I'm thinking the difference between FPV and regular drone flying is the virtual reality type of headset? Also, how long does the battery last on your drone? It looks as if you were filming for quite a while but I know the drones we have die after just a few minutes.

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    Re: Flying with the Black Dog

    Ah, yes, the kind of things that my friends and I fly are kind of "pro" equipment. The Goggles are the big difference, yes, so it's like you're INSIDE the drone when it's flying arond at up to 60mph (or above if you're a nutter!).
    The cheaper ones are a really good way of getting into the hobby and you'd fly them "line of sight". You can get them for nder £30 so not too much investment of you lose or kill it. The kind of grear I have can ultimately set you back several hundred pounds and we build them ourselves. There's then the tuning and replacing broken parts - think hairy bikers and their motorbikes! You WILL crash, no shame in that, but that's how you learn. You can also buy simulators that you can plug your radio into your PC and practice - I did that when I was changin over from left-hand to right-hand control. saved me a FOTRUNE in broken parts.

    The batteries that we use are pretty hefty but still, you get about 6miutes out of them, but they're delivering over 100w of power to the motors.

    Alternatively, if you're wanting somethng more sedate, you can go for the "ready to fly" models such as the DJI Mavic or Phantom which is the classic white type that everyone gets so headed about in the news - but beware, those kind of fly themselves and yo can get into a lot of touble very quickly if you need to take over.

    If you want to find out more then head on over to the forum where you can ask even the most basic questions and be met warmly with all the advice you'll ever need.

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    Re: Flying with the Black Dog

    We have the drones that film what they're flying over and can watch it on our smart phones while in progress, and last year I bought the "boys" VR glasses but I guess now I need to combine the two "toys" into one. I'm not sure ME getting into that hobby would help my anxiety, I think I would get too dizzy with the VR glasses, but glad it works for you!

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