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Thread: Rectal Pressure and loose stool

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    Rectal Pressure and loose stool


    Long term lurker but my first post. I've had HA on and off for years but am currently in a real bad 6 month spell with it.

    For about 6 weeks I have had loose stools in the morning. Not every day but more often than not. They tend to be more formed later in the day so I have tried to ride it out. Whats done me this time though is a pressure in my rectum like I need a BM but nothings forthcoming. If I strain I tend to just pass mucus. Obviously I'm now convinced I must have bowel cancer and im a wreck. Doesn't help that I committed the cardinal sin of googling and was awash with stories of terminal diagnoses in people in their thirties. Sigh. Back to the lorazepam.

    Anyway I saw my GP and was told, as usual, this is a stress response but she did ask for a stool test of which im awaiting the results. She never really said what I was being tested for.

    I'm not looking for reassurance, it never works anyway. Just needed an outlet.

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    Re: Rectal Pressure and loose stool

    I had this for a month or so and it eventually went away- it was caused by either hemorrhoid/s or tense muscles from anxiety- most likely tense muscles

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    Re: Rectal Pressure and loose stool

    Cheers Toby, at least I know it can be caused by something that isn't sinister! I expect to get my stool results today. Fully expecting them to find blood so this whole thing goes up another notch, if that's even possible!

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    Re: Rectal Pressure and loose stool

    I've had these symptoms off & on for decades...stress and anxiety seem to be the culprit in my case, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Hang tough, Benny.

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    Re: Rectal Pressure and loose stool

    Cheers Manco, the pressure is still there but been a bit more intermittent the last couple of days.

    I'm trying to be rational about it but health anxiety and rationality aren't good friends! I'll be glad when this latest anxiety flare subsides that's for sure. Been a bad one.

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    Re: Rectal Pressure and loose stool

    Hang in there, Benny, this too will pass. I'm guilty of losing patience during that waiting period, which tends to make my anxiety worse, etc etc...the 'ole Snowball Effect. Hang tough, brother.

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