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Thread: GERD and stool changes -Endoscopy Today

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    GERD and stool changes -Endoscopy Today

    Iím new to the forums and have been debating on posting. This started in February with my stool sticking to the bowl after flushing, it was still brown then. I then developed gerd/reflux/difficulty swallowing in March and was treated with Prilosec for a week. It didnít help but blood tests came back normal. In April I Went to a holistic doc who gave me digestive enzymes to help my acid in stomach. This fixed the stool sticking to bowl and gerd issues until the middle of July. Gerd retuned and enzymes didnít help. So I went to GI doc and was given protonix for 6 weeks. Initially, this made my poop yellow and the doc backed me off to 20 from 40 mg. Poop was still less brown than normal. I had a follow up 3 weeks ago and she switched me to nexium. Hasnít really helped the gerd much so I stopped taking it four weeks ago hoping the poop would change back to more brown but it hasnít. Also been having quite large bowel movements. I have also lost about 3-4 pounds since July. From 160 down to 156 and almost 8 since February.
    I am having endoscopy today and am scared of results.
    At this point I have muscle fatigue, loose large stool, difficulty swallowing, sore throat and hoarseness from gerd and off and on stomach cramping plus the weight loss.
    My worst fear is pancreatic cancer and I want some clear results but worried they canít see without ultrasound endoscopy.
    Thanks for listening.

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    Re: GERD and stool changes -Endoscopy Today

    Wishing you the very best of luck!
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    Re: GERD and stool changes -Endoscopy Today

    You have GERD. Why would you think you have cancer? They will also check if you have Helicobacter so you could get antibiotics for it.

    Cancer symptoms don't improve as yours did at first. Normal blood work and cancer don't go hand in hand, especially when you have cancer that actually causes symptoms, which would be advance enough one.

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    Re: GERD and stool changes -Endoscopy Today

    Endoscopy is done. Throat is still sore but he said I have gerd and a small hiatal hernia. My stomach showed signs of irritation but not my esophagus. But all my symptoms with swallowing and hoarse throat exist there. Is this LPR?

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    Re: GERD and stool changes -Endoscopy Today

    Well itís gerd then. All your symptoms will still exist until you start to treat it. I used gaviscon as all the others didnít help me. Have you changed your diet?

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    Re: GERD and stool changes -Endoscopy Today

    I have changed my diet and I donít see any relief. Despite the results today I feel more helpless and I have more questions. I read the stories and see that people dealt with heartburn or gerd for 6 months and then finally came the jaundice and itís like I am waiting for that. Now I want to get a ct scan but I have no patience left to wait. The yellow stool that is now practically diarrhea is most scary. I know these are things that happen with anxiety but never had these kind of issues before.

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    Re: GERD and stool changes -Endoscopy Today

    Relief from GERD doesn't happen overnight with a diet change. Look into the FODMAP diet, keep a journal of what and when you eat and if the Nexium isn't working, ask about a different PPI and/or add an OTC remedy like Maloxx or Gaviscon.

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    Re: GERD and stool changes -Endoscopy Today

    For me, some symptoms of GERD didn't subside until I started taking Klonopin for anxiety. Then they stopped after 10 days and I stopped using Klonopin. Even though I was healed most likely much earlier, some symptoms persisted like feeling of lump in the throat, pressure below ribs etc. Doctor said it can't be GERD anymore so he gave me something for anxiety and things were solved.

    Just in case you see some symptoms persisting after 2-3 months, anxiety might be the cause.

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    Re: GERD and stool changes -Endoscopy Today

    Thanks for the input. I do feel like I have tried many things to help this issue. At this point I still have the reflux with yellow stool and now am waking most every night with stomach ache and gas. I do go to therapy for my anxiety but I just canít get past what is happening to me right now. I am going to ask for more testing tomorrow with gp.

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