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    Stressful day just want to cry

    After waiting all day to help a relative shop online, arriving late then proceeds to bully and intimate me. It put me in a rotten position and had to stand my ground the resulting wasn't pretty. You just don't have me wait around all day then become a jerk. I guess that's what we get for being the decent person offering to help out.

    Go gutted with it. Going to watch line of duty before I cry into my dry cereal(don't judge me too harshly I use it as my snack like popcorn)


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    Re: Stressful day just want to cry

    Hey Scott

    You done nothing wrong. There are jerks in this world who will be jerks to everybody not just yous

    Have a good cry. It's never a bad thing to do that. I do it all the time.


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    Re: Stressful day just want to cry

    I hope Line of Duty helped just a bit, Scott?! Sorry you had such a rotten day when you were just being kind and trying to help out.

    What series of LoD are you watching?

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